Hammer, Claw and Mallet Toes


Hammer, claw and mallet toes display as varying contracture combinations of the small joints in the toes. These deformities can make shoe fitting a nuisance and can lead to painful corns and calluses.

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  • 1Visable deformities of the toes
  • 2Pain from friction when wearing footwear
  • 3Callusing and corns

Let Me Treat Your Hammer, Claw and Mallet Toes

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Thomas Hewak, D.Ch. (Registered Chiropodist)

Tom graduated from the Chiropody Program at the Michener Institute in the class of 1996 and he has been servicing the Dundas and surrounding area every since. In addiction to the Dundas location, Tom also sees patients in the Hamilton Foot Clinic and the Burlington Clinic. He serves as an Orthopaedic consultant associated with The Foot and Ankle Institute in locations such as Brampton, Mississauga and Cambridge. Tom would be pleased to see you for routine foot care or to explain your options for alleviating your foot pain.