Morton’s Neuroma

A Morton’s neuroma results in nerve related pain that can present it self as numbness, burning, tingling and shooting pain in the forefoot. This pain tends to subside when barefoot and is worse when wearing footwear. A Morton’s neuroma is a fibrous mass that has built up as the result of a nerve that has been impinged.

A custom orthotic with forefoot support and proper footwear can completely abolish your symptoms! – Healthy Feet Staff


  • 1Numbness in the toes
  • 2Burning and tingling sensations
  • 3Increased pain in narrow footwear

Let Me Treat Your Morton’s Neuroma

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Katrina Lammers, C.Ped (C) (Certified Pedorthist)

Katrina graduated form McMaster University’s Kinesiology program in 2001. She has been with our company since 2005, working as an orthotic technician, and more recently obtained her Pedorthic designation in 2013. Katrina will help you with all things orthotic, brace and shoe related. She is also certified in fitting custom compression hose. In addiction to the Hewak Foot Clinic, Katrina also works with orthopaedic surgeons as a Pedorthic consultant with the Hamilton branch of The Foot and Ankle Institute.